How straight razor shaving is good for everyone

While many people feel that the conventional razor blade provides a better shaving experience, the opposite of it is actually true. People who have both tried shaving with a normal razor and with a straight razor have actually reported a better shaving experience with the latter. Shaving requires precision if you don’t want to end up with a face full of scrapes and cuts. However advanced a normal razor is, it will still give you a face full of cuts if you are not careful. Meanwhile, a straight razor will give you a smooth finish that will make your skin looks as smooth as a baby’s skin.

Benefits of shaving with a good razor

People all around the globe throw away millions and billions of razors each year after the razors become useless to them. This contributes to the already huge amount of waste that has been accumulated in this planet. Working with the other type of razor will not only give you a clean shave but it is better for the environment too. Modern shaving methods create a lot of waste. When a person is done with a cartridge they throw out the cartridge which never gets recycled. Furthermore, whenever a person buys a new cartridge or razor, they end up with lots of useless packaging material. All these problems will be eradicated once you decide to go the other route. Another incredibly surprising benefit of foregoing the normal razor is that the straight razor has proven to have certain meditative benefits too. When you are using this razor, it requires you to slow yourself down and be incredibly precise with your movements if you do not want to hurt yourself and ruin your facial hair. After a few times of using this razor, you will start to notice an eerie calmness that will settle over you. With so many amazing benefits, it’s hard to believe that not everyone in the world uses this type of razor. We would like to recommend everyone to use this type of razor because once they use it, they will forever be thanking us for introducing them to this.